Harby water robot

The "Harby" water robot is an automatic moving catamaran, that is scalable in size for different applications. The control is carried out in an Internet-based manner in bidirectional communication with transmission of the current navigation status vector and image data. Harby's current robotic application is aimed at cleaning docks. In addition to multisensorial SLAM, automated detection and avoidance of obstacles will be developed and implemented.

The Harby R & D project comprises two research and development stages. In the first, the multi-sensor navigation and remote control is developed for the controllable catamaran developed by Weico. Stage 2 implements the realization of automated driving in an ITRF-based global reference system.

Project overview:

Project level 1: completed April 2019
Project level 2: May 2019 - April 2020
Cooperation partners: Companies Weico and Soleon, Italy