Research Projects at IAF

Research projects at the Hochschule Karlrsuhe - University of Applied Sciences are settled at the Institute of Applied Research (IAF). A complete list of current projects can be found at:

More Projects at the IAF with Project Leader Prof. Dr. Jäger

  • GOCA: GNSS/LPS/LS-based online control and alarm system

    GOCA is designed for the online monitoring of deformations and movements of the earch's surface. Therefore a classical network deformation analysis is carried out based on measurements of satellite systems (GNSS), local positioning systems (LPS, e. g. total stations) and local sensors (e. g. inclinometers) to alert in case of a critical movement. Besides applications in the prevention of natural desasters (landslides, volcanos and earthquake prediction) GOCA is used for monitoring safety-relevant buildings and structures.
  • MONIKA: Monitoring of GNSS networks by the Karlsruhe Approach

    Due to a worldwide development GNSS positioning services play an increasing role in the area of high precision absolute geo-referencing. The research project MONIKA was initiated to monitor even the slightest changes in the GNSS reference station network coordinates and to calculate a multi-epochal deformation analysis. This project is in cooperation with the State Agencies for Geodesy and Geoinformation.
  • DFHBF: Digital finite element height reference surface (DFHRS)

    The DFHRS research project aims at the parametric modelling and computation of height reference surfaces from geodetic and physical observations in a hybrid adjustment approach. Access to this parametric HRS model is offered by a database, that allows the direct conversion of GNSS heights h into physical standard heights H.
  • MOLDPOS: Development of a high capacity real-time GNSS positioning service for Moldova

    In the presence of the economic growth of Moldova it is necessary to create and establish an ITRF consistent GNSS service, that provides a high precision, efficient and modern geodetic infrastructure for GIS, transportation and logistic applications and industries. The focus of the German-Moldovan cooperation project MOLDPOS is in the mutual scientific development and technical realization of transformation concepts and monitoring of Moldova GNSS reference stations.

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