Networking Conference GeoNet Neckar-Alb

06.06.2019 in Reutlingen

Presentation to Mobile GIS and of the ZIM cooperation project PREGON-X:

Jäger, R. (2019): "Precise GNSS/Georeferencing on Smartphones (PREGON-X)"

Information to the Networking Conference and the Agenda can be found at:

Announcement for the Workshop Taskforce GNSS Raw Data Measurements

26.06.2019 Prague

The third annual GNSS Raw Measurements Taskforce Workshop is held in the GSA headquarters in Prag. Our presentation "NAVKA SmartphoneRTK - Cycle Slip and Ambiguity Robust GNSS Algorithms and Software for GNSS Raw Data on the Smartphone" is integrated into the session "GNSS Raw Measurements for high accuracy applications (part 2)".

The complete program can be found at:


International Scientific Conference of University of Latvia 2019

Geodynamics and Geospatial Research

Presentations of our current research and development will be held on 21st of March 2019 at the University of Latvia, Riga:

  • Diekert, J.: "NAVKA/PREGON-X - LowCost GNSS & GNSS Raw Data Algorithms for a Robust Multisensor Navigation, Positioning and Georeferencing with Smartphones"
  • Almagboul, M: "NAVKA/PREGON-X - Theoretical and Practical Elaboration & Implementation on a GNSS/MEMS/Optical/Laser based Object Georeferencing with Smartphones"
  • Janugade, S.: "NAVKA/PREGON-X - Development of Different Hardware Variants for a GNSS/MEMS/Optics/Laser based Positiong and Georeferencing with Smartphones"

The conference Programm can be found at:

Promotion: "Robuste Navigationszustandsschätzung und Steuerung bemannter und autonomer Volocopter" von Jan Zwiener

Unser ehemaliges Teammitglied Jan Zwiener hat erfolgreich seine Promotion abgeschlossen. Herzlichen Glückwunsch!

Hier geht's weiter zur Pressemitteilung der Hochschule Karlsruhe:

Workshop: Smartphone zur präzisen Navigation

Monday, 9th July 2018 in Albstadt

Overview of the workshop:

Link to images and summary (of all events):

New ZIM network: High-Precision Realtime Navigation Baden-Württemberg


ZIM consortium "High-Precision Realtime Navigation B.W." at the Kick-Off-Meeting at Technologiepark Tübingen-Reutlingen (TTR)

Read more about the ZIM network at our current projects.


Presentation and test of SmartphoneRTK - App

The communication between the smartphone and an external GNSS receiver is done via Bluetooth.

The raw data of the receiver, which can be evaluated in the SmartphoneRTK, is processed as a simple (Single)-GNSS solution, as DGNSS solution with correction data or own base station or as PPP solution.