Evaluation and Further Development of The NAVKA Smartphone Laser Georeferencer

Status: Abgeschlossen, November 2019

Bearbeitung: M.Sc. Musa Fadul

The integration of GPS/INS in the application of Georeferencing has brought a small revolution into the mapping industry by driving down the cost of mapping products and speeding up the production cycle. Commonly several measurements originating from different sensor systems are combined in order to completely model the state of an object. An important step preceding data fusion is the consideration of the geometric alignment of the measurements with a geodetic coordinatesystem (lever-arm). The NAVKA contactless Georeferencer is developed under PREGON-X project. The project is dedicated to precise positioning and georeferencing by Smartphone for various mobile GIS applications. Several measurements coming from different sensors are fused using a data fusion filter in order to calculate the position of the target object.

This research work has three main objectives. The first objective was to Evaluate the Georeferencer algorithm followed by the optimization and further improvement of the system by adding more features such as Object identification with Error Propagation to the system and the third objective was to introduce server client architecture.

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