GSA Smartphone GNSS Raw Data Task Force

Until recently GNSS positioning of smartphones was calculated completely on the internal GNSS chips. The algorithm, the correction data used and thus also the position accuracy was therefore specified by the hardware manufacturer.
However, with the release of GNSS raw data on smartphones since Android 7.0, this is no longer true for many devices. The GSA Smartphone GNSS Raw Data Task Force ( is therefore bringing together research and industry to develop a market for high accuracy positioning using smartphone GNSS raw data.

The RaD at HSKA in the frame of the NAVKA project are dealing with cycle slip and ambiguity robust GNSS algorithms and software devlopments (DGNSS, PPP) using GNSS raw data - e.g. from GPS and Galileo satellites - provided on the smartphone. The algorithms are on applications for  positionung only, as well as for the georeferencing and identification of objects in mobile GIS applications, by using in addition the MEMS-sensors and camera of the smartphone as well plugable commerical laser disto data in the fusion algorithms.


Screenshot of the Plugin for Logging and Streaming of binary data in the ubx protocol, integrated into Google GnssLogger App

Left: Evaluation of the possible accuracy of smartphone GNSS Raw Data for a static setup with a good sky view
Right: Deviation of the Smartphone Position from True Position in East (E), North (N) and Up (U)

With the use of a Virtual Reference Station in DGNSS mode, for this setup an accuracy in the range of several decimeters is achievable (blue), while processing as PPP with IGS correction data only submeter accuarcy could be reached (green)