3rd milestone meeting at HSKA

The third milestone meeting of the RaD joint project “GNSS-supported lowcost multisensor systems for mobile platform navigation and object geo-referencing” took place at the University Karlsruhe on the 31st of July, 2012. This meeting comprised the reports of the consortium concerning the recent activities and results, and the coordination of further developments, cooperation and projects.

The research team of the University Karlsruhe (NAVKA) intends to increase their activities in the area of indoor navigation and to demonstrate and evaluate their algorithms in different use-cases. The RaD team at University Konstanz turns to its last project phase, and plans to improve its software modules, e.g. the control of a multipurpose water-drone, so that it is ready-to-use. The projects and activities of the industry partners, which already profited from the cooperation within the RaD-consortium were also demonstrated. These highlights will be presented at the Intergeo 2012.

Fig: Live demonstration of the GNSS/MEMS-based indoor-/outdoor navigation-algorithm for the georeferencing of objects, which comprises a precise orientation-determination component