International Scientific Conference of University of Latvia 2019

Geodynamics and Geospatial Research

Presentations of our current research and development will be held on 21st of March 2019 at the University of Latvia, Riga:

  • Diekert, J.: "NAVKA/PREGON-X - LowCost GNSS & GNSS Raw Data Algorithms for a Robust Multisensor Navigation, Positioning and Georeferencing with Smartphones"
  • Almagboul, M: "NAVKA/PREGON-X - Theoretical and Practical Elaboration & Implementation on a GNSS/MEMS/Optical/Laser based Object Georeferencing with Smartphones"
  • Janugade, S.: "NAVKA/PREGON-X - Development of Different Hardware Variants for a GNSS/MEMS/Optics/Laser based Positiong and Georeferencing with Smartphones"

The conference Programm can be found at: