Project PREGON-X: Mobile GIS and Precise Object Georeferencing with Smartphones

The Research and Developments of the HSKA in the context of PREGON-X include mathematical models, algorithms and software for precise positioning and non-contact object geo referencing with smartphones, up to cm level of precision. The HSKA basic algorithms and software for satellite geodesy, multisensor navigation and mathematical geodesy are taken up by the company Disy, Karlsruhe (, further developed and integrated into innovative apps as well as general server client technologies.

In the focus of the HSKA R & D are DGNSS and OPPP positioning algorithms for the GNSS raw data on smartphones that are only available since the end of 2016. Even in the international comparison, this R & D fields for mathematic models, algorithms and software of tightly coupled GNSS & MEMS data in the low-cost domain, is challenging. The poor signal and antenna technology as well as multiphase effects of ubiquitous systems are investigated with innovative approaches to the parametric estimation, the ambiguity solution and to the elimination of cycle slips. A focus here is also on the signal structures of Galileo, which are more advantageous compared to the other GNSS.

One of the first developments will focus on the integration of external GNSS receivers and miniaturized GNSS/MEMS sensor platforms into smartphone apps, utilizing the smartphone as controller and processing unit:  NAVKA_smartphoneRtk.pdf

The R & D of PREGON-X mean, in general, a technological revolution for ubiquitous systems with sustained interdisciplinary potentials which extend well beyond geodesy and geoinformatics fields.

Project overview

Start: 01. April 2017
Project leader: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Reiner Jäger