NAVKArine FC-4 Flight Control and NAVKArine G1MC

Multicopter Flight Control and Multisensor Navigation Platform with stereo camera

The Navka Team is developing a new navigation box and flight control NAVArine FC-4, and at the same time the multisensor navigation platform NAVKArine G1MC, that integrates additionally visual navigation algorithms.



  • Redundant GNSS/MEMS (MOEMS) multisensor platform
  • Multi-GNSS (GPS/GLONASS/BeiDou) support
  • Additional redundancy with a network of several multisensor platforms
  • multicopter/UAV/VTOL with free designable rotor configuration
  • GNSS raw data output, i.e. for high precision DGNSS solutions
  • and additional featues (see specifications)

Specifications Download NAVKArine FC-4

Specifications Download NAVKArine G1MC

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